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Our Dining Experiences

The Tastes of Sea Trail

Gourmet to casual, hearty to light, there’s something for everyone at the restaurants at Sea Trail Golf Resort. Whether you’re in the mood for an artisanal sandwich crafted with the freshest ingredients, a mouthwatering homemade pizza straight from the oven, a flavorful Tomahawk steak, or a refreshing poolside beverage to sip and savor under the sun, we have it all and more. 

The restaurants at Sea Trail Golf Resort provide an unparalleled variety, from classic Italian gourmet dishes to fan-favorite American staples. Our team of talented chefs work to ensure that every meal is a memorable experience— from start to finish. 

Savor a culinary world without ever leaving

Four Dining Options on Property

Sip, Savor, Enjoy

55 Bistro Bar

Experience the perfect blend of laid-back charm and gourmet flavors at 55 Bistro Bar–your go-to destination for a casual, yet refined dining and drinking experience. Indulge in artisanal sandwiches, delectable appetizers, and handcrafted cocktails from our expert mixologist.

Where Pizza Meets Paradise

Sunset Slice

The ultimate crowd-pleaser when you can’t decide what’s for dinner? Pizza, of course! At Sunset Slice, we believe that great pizza starts with fresh, high-quality ingredients. That’s why we begin the process by making our own pizza dough in-house and source premier qualities of cheese.

A World Of Flavors

Sunset Prime

**COMING SOON** Guests can enjoy an elevated steakhouse experience or Italian-inspired coastal fare in one venue representing a fusion of modern elegance and casual sporting comfort. The stunning new restaurant will offer intimate to casual dining settings, with both inside and outside dining options.

At The Turn

Sunset Cove

**COMING SOON** Get ready to enjoy one of the best turnhouse experiences in the Carolinas at Sunset Cove at the Turn! Opening in May 2024, it’s conveniently located on the backside of the Jones / Byrd Clubhouse and can easily be accessed before heading to Jones Hole 10 or After Jones Hole 18. Sunset Cove is an unparalleled resort golf luxury serving slushy cocktails, 6-pack beer specials, and mid-round bites.

Poolside Cheers

Sunset Tiki

Coming summer of 2024, Sunset Tiki is the new indoor and outdoor poolside bar and deck. Whether, you’re soaking up the sun by the pool or unwinding after a day of adventure, the pool bar and deck will be the perfect place to relax, socialize, and enjoy refreshing beverages.

Weekly Dine-In Specials at 55 Bistro Bar & Sunset Slice

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